How to get Belarusian visa

How to get Belarusian visa in 5 steps

  1. Check here if you need visa to enter Belarus;
  2. As soon as your paper is accepted, fill this form and send it to us at;
  3. Receive a formal invitation which we send you;
  4. Check here or ask us, where is the closest Belarusian embassy, collect the documents (list is below) and apply;
  5. Get your visa and see you in Minsk!

List of documents for Belarusian visa

  1. A duly completed visa application form;
  2. One photograph;
  3. A foreign travel document;
  4. An invitation;
  5. Medical insurance;
  6. A confirmation of the consular fee paid (in your or closest country or in the airport Minsk

Visa is obtained during 5 working days.
For the details see the link.

Download (PDF, 111KB)

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