Conference Programme

Thursday, June 11th

9:00 – 9:30 Registration
9:30 – 10:00 Welcome and introduction
10:00 Invited talk
Igor Sovpel: From Linguistic to Knowledge Processor

10:40 First session

10:40 Max Silberztein. Transformational Analysis of Transitive Sentences
11:00 Xavier Blanco. A Hierarchy of Semantic Labels for Spanish Dictionaries
11:20 Lesia Kaigorodova, Yuras Hetsevich, Kiryl Nikalaenka, Ryhor Prakapovich, Siarhey Gerasuto and Uladzislau Sychou. Language Modelling for Robots-Human Interaction

11:45 Lunch

12:40 Second session

12:40 Kristina Kocijan and Sara Librenjak. Recognizing Verb-based Croatian Idiomatic MWUs
13:00 Tea Pejar, Kristina Kocijan and Božo Bekavac. Normalization of Tweets in Croatian Language Using NooJ
13:20 Kiryl Rusetski, Dmitriy Ilyushchenia, Kiryl Nikalaenka and Stanislau Lysy. Towards Building OSTIS Technology-based Semantic NLP Applications Using NooJ

13:40 Denis Le Pesant. Semantic Tagging of the Sentiment Words with NooJ

14:00 Coffee break

14:20 Third session

14:20 Dhekra Najar and Slim Mesfar. A Large Terminological Dictionary of Arabic Compound Words
14:40 Maximiliano Duran. The Annotation of Compound Suffixation Structure of Quechua Verbs
15:00 Mohamed Aly Fall Seideh, Héla Fehri, Kais Haddar and Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou. Named Entity Recognition from Arabic-French Herbalism Parallel Corpora

15:30 Coffee break & Poster Session

Tatsiana Okrut, Boris Lobanov and Yauheniya Yakubovich. Context-Sensitive Homograph Disambiguation with NooJ in Belarusian and Russian Electronic Texts.
Dzmitry Dzenisiuk and Yuras Hetsevich. Processing of Publication References in Belarusian and Russian Electronic Texts

16:30 Mohamed Aly Fall Seideh: Tutorial “Java NooJ”

18:00 Welcome Cocktail

Friday, June 12th

9:00 First session

9:00 Vincent Benet. Semantic Tags for NooJ Russian Dictionary
9:20 Stanislau Lysy, Alena Hiuntar and Yuras Hetsevich. Addition of Phonetic Transcriptions to Belarusian Module of NooJ
9:40 Mario Monteleone. Local Grammars and Formal Semantics: Past Participles vs. Adjectives in Italian
10:00 Maria Pia di Buono. Semi-Automatic Indexing and Parsing Information on the Web with NooJ.

10:20 Coffee break

10:40 Second session

10:40 Ivan Reentovich, Yuras Hetsevich, Valery Varanovich, Evgenia Kachan and Hanna Kozlovskaya. First One Million Corpora for Belarusian NooJ Module.
11:00 Slim Mesfar and Dhekra Najar. How to Automatically Enrich Linguistic Resources Using NooJ: Application on Arabic Module.
11:20 Andrea Fernanda Rodrigo. A Proposal for the Treatment of Clitics in Rioplatense Spanish Verbs Using NooJ (Maximiliano Duran will present)

11:45 Lunch

12:40 Third session

12:40 Yuras Hetsevich, Tatsiana Okrut and Boris Lobanov. Grammars for the Sentence into Phrase Segmentation: Punctuation Level
13:00 Valerie Collec Clerc. Mixed Prolog and NooJ Approach in Japanese Benefactive Constructions
13:20 Maryna Chernyshevich and Vadim Stankevitch. A Hybrid Approach to Extracting and Encoding Disorder Mentions from Clinical Notes

14:00 Excursion trip and Gala dinner

Saturday, June 13th

9:00 First session

9:00 Alessandro Maisto and Raffaele Guarasci. Morpheme-based Recognition and Translation of Medical Terms
9:20 Maryia Kirova. Translating Spacial and Temporal Deixis in Near Languages: A Comparative Classification Approach with NooJ
9:40 Uladzimir Koshchanka, Yuras Hetsevich, Valery Varanovich and Angelina Tretyak. Comparison of Lexical and Grammatical Base of Belarusian N-korpus with Dictionary Properties’ Definition File of Belarusian NooJ Module
10:00 Farida Yamouni. A French-Tamazight MT System for Computer Science
10:20 Hayet Ben Ali, Azeddin Rhazi and Mourad Aouini. Translating Arabic Active Sentences into English Passive Sentences Using NooJ Platform

10:40 Coffee-break

11:00 Second session

11:00 Nadia Ghezaiel and Kais Haddar. Study and Resolution of Arabic Lexical Ambiguity Through the Transduction on Text Automaton
11:20 Yuras Hetsevich and Julia Borodina. Using NooJ for the Processing of Satellite Data
11:40 Cristina Mota, Paula Carvalho, Francisco Raposo and Anabela Barreiro. Paraphrasing Human Intransitive Adjective Constructions in Port4NooJ
12:00 Mykola Sazhok, Valentyna Robeiko, Dmytro Fedoryn, Ruslan Selyukh and Oleksandr Yukhymenko. Ukrainian Data and Knowledge Base and its Adaptation to NooJ
12:20 Serena Pelosi. Morphological Relations for the Automatic Expansion of Italian Sentiment Lexicons

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Third session

14:00 Alena Hiuntar and Vadim Zahariev. Grammars for Making Written Orthographic Words from Transcribed Spoken Language
14:20 Alena Veka and Yauheniya Yakubovich. Automatic Translation from Belarusian into Spanish Based on Using NooJ’s Linguistic Resources
14:40 Elena Loskutova. Creation of Geographical Names Dictionary of Alaska Toponyms

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Round Table, Closing

16:00 General Assembly of the NooJ Foundation

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