How to get to the venue

The most convenient way to travel in Minsk is metro – and this also goes if you need to measure distance. Minsk metro has only two lines and there are signs for stations and directions everywhere.

Single ticket costs 4500 BYR (~ 0.3 EUR). It may be convenient for you to buy a card with multiple rides. There are cards for 5 rides (22 100 BYR ~ 1.40 EUR), for 10 rides (42 800 BYR ~ 2.66 EUR), for 20 rides (83 700 BYR ~5.2 EUR) and more. In case you buy a multiple ride card, you need to pay also for the card itself 12 000 BYR (~0.75 EUR). When you do not need the card anymore, you may return it and get the cost of the card back. With these cards you may ride every mean of transportation in Minsk (there are also bus, trolleybus and tram).


Fig.1 The sign of Minsk metro


Fig. 2 The plan of Minsk metro

To get to the city center from the Minsk-2 airport (MSQ)

Outside of the airport there is a bus stop, where you can take minibus, which will drive you to the Minsk Bus Station. The whole travel takes about 45 minutes and costs 35000 BYR (~2.2 EUR), and the ticket you buy from a driver. Keep in mind that you need to pay that in national currency, which is Belarusian Ruble.

Schedule: 6:55, 7:45, 9:30, 10:00, 10:45, 11:10, 11:50, 12:30, 13:05, 13:50, 14:25, 15:05, 15:50, 16:30, 17:20, 17:50, 18:35, 19:25, 20:25, 21:05, 22:30, 23:30, 0:30


To get to the venue from the main train/bus station

Both Minsk Bus Station and Minsk Passazhirsky railway station are on Plošča Lenina metro station (Blue line). The Minsk Bus Station is about 400 meters away from metro.

From the level 0 of the Minsk Passazhirsky railway station you can get to the metro by following the signs: the building of the train station is connected to the metro Plošča Lenina with underground tunnel.

Go down and take a train going in direction of Uručča station. Go 4 stations up to the Akademija Navuk metro station.


To get to UIIP from hotel

All the hotels we now recommend are around metro station named Niamiha (Red line). If you have chosen the other hotel, ask at the reception, how to get to the closest metro station.

The metro station of the UIIP is Akademija Navuk (Blue line). From Niamiha you go one station down to Kupalaŭskaja, transfer to Blue line and go 3 more stations in direction of Uručča. In Akademija Navuk you should go up the head of the train, turn right and exit the underpass. Then you should cross the street, turn right again and go straight for about 100 meters. To your left there will be a building with a big satellite dish on top of it. This is UIIP, and we wait you there.

The address of UIIP is Vulica Surhanava, 6, Minsk, Belarus.

For the exact route from Akademija Navuk to our institute see the map below.



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